hi! We are king kong

~ and this is our jungle ~

our team

There’s no such thing as a “typical” assignment for us.

We leverage the full creative power of King Kong’s digital capabilities — from brand planning and communications, to new technology integration — to develop unique strategic impact and brand value. Our ultimate objective is to help every client to unlock new drivers of growth and unique competitive advantage.


We turn your likes into loves.

We are digital natives and Facebook is our playground. We design, produce and implement customised Facebook strategy to enhance organic growth of your fans.


Anyone can capture a photo, but we capture emotions.

Our Instagram strategy is focused on simplicity and inspiring visual creativity through photos. People are visual beings and visual storytelling is our passion. Let us tell your visual story.


We live on Snapchat. Enough said.

We love to explore and experiment with the future of digital in practical ways. Our Snapchat campaigns communicate the full range of human emotions behind your brand. Engage your customers on their terrain in a genuine way.


Enter our learning hub.

Our blog’s aim is to inspire, educate and showcase the best digital practices nowadays.


We don’t pretend to do everything, just our best.

Our team understands the challenges, vast personality and specific needs of every brand. This requires exceptional level of engagement and expertise that we provide for our clients.

Social Media Marketing


Snapchat Campaigns


Education & Consulting


Event promotions