Snapchat is huge. Snapchat is fresh. Snapchat is fun. Snapchat is raw.
And we, the users, know all this and thats why we enjoy using Snapchat every day.

But Snapchat marketing is a completely new beast. It takes a different and authentic approach that is unique to Snapchat.


Dare as we are, always pushing the limits, we took upon us a great task — run the official Snapchat camping for Spark.Me – One of the biggest conferences in the region.
And you know what was the first comment of all the famous speakers and attendees?
WOW! This is the first conference I have ever been that has a special 3 person team. Yup, thats us.

But first things first. After developing the strategy and got approved from the Spark.Me team, we got our hands dirty. We asked to share the familiar Snapchat add ghost on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to follow us on Snapchat and get ready for Spark.Me behind the scenes.

We started the pre-launch campaign full month in advance with speakers showcase, bloggers takeovers and speakers snaps. You know, to get the buzz going.

And then, the day of the conference finally came. Our launch was met with enthusiasm and high levels of engagement. We learned that people engage with different content than the one we find on other social media platforms. They responded to snaps which were unexpected fun and different.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where your post may get lost in a cluttered feed, most Snapchat users view all stories of those accounts they follow. For example, our account — on average — had an 90% open rate of our stories (far greater than the reach on any other platform). Amazing right?

Spark.Me Snapchat profile did not focus on simply just showing whats happening on the stage. Instead we focused on sharing the fun experience behind the scenes, unexpected questions for the famous speakers and simply how is it really feeling to visit Spark.Me and beautiful Budva. We even jumped in the sea for the sake of the campaign. Okey that was awesome for us too 🙂

The best part?

Spark.Me Snapchat Campaign generated more than 25.000 total views! Can you imagine getting this numbers in just one month pre-launch plus 5 days campaign. Amazing! Really focused attention impressions that introduced Spark.Me in a completely different way.

The lesson

Don’t hesitate to be silly on Snapchat. It’s a platform that’s set up for playfulness. People got an up-close, exclusive look at what happened at the conference, as well as a chance to see intimate interactions with famous speakers. In your campaigns, figure out a way to give your audience a behind-the-scenes glance and what it’s all about.

Have fun and Snapchat!