Snapchat is “the next big thing” in social media and it’s growing fast, but I think it can be even better! Here are 10 features that will significantly improve the experience of using Snapchat.

Even though barely anyone uses Snapchat in Croatia, I’ve been using it for a while now. I’m constantly trying to get more people to start snapchating and decided to completely focus on Snapchat in 2016.

The concept behind Snapchat is brilliant and stories that disappear in 24 hours give us so much more freedom to post content that we wouldn’t post on other social media.

When I first started using Snapchat the biggest problem, for me, was who to follow and where to find “friends”. After almost a year of using Snapchat I decided to make a list of features that would (in my opinion) make user experience much better.

• Changing the username

Most of the users don’t think a lot about their username when they are registering for Snapchat thinking that they can change it later, well guess what? They can’t, and then they are stuck with what ever silly name they wrote at the beginning. I think Snapchat should definitely allow username changing and maybe limit it to 2–3 changes.

• Offline snapping

Have you ever traveled to a different country where you didn’t have internet connection? Most of the times those places are the places you want to use Snapchat the most, but you can’t. Imagine if there would be a possibility where you can snap everything and when you find Wi-Fi it uploads to your story or sends to a friend? 🙂

• Discover & Suggest friends

The biggest problem for new users (especially in countries where there isn’t many users) is how to find friends and who to follow. Twitter did a pretty good job with their suggestions of accounts to follow as soon as you register. Also, a discover option (like Instagram) where there would be people from the same country and friends of your friends would be a really nice feature.

“Find Friends” mockup

Also, I want to find friends in my area (Croatia) that use Snapchat and there is no easy way to do that. It would be pretty cool to see who has Snapchat in my area (if they make their profile public, of course.)

• Forward story to a friend

How many times did you see a cool story from your friend and wanted to forward it to someone? Imagine if you could (just like in Discover) long press and forward story to some of your friends (even if they don’t have that person as a friend). This way some stories could go “viral”, some would get a lot more views (organic) and sometimes it would be a great way to find new friends to follow.

• Country lead board (maybe on a website)

Everyone want’s to be the best in something, why not reward most active users by showing who TOP 10 most active (and engaging) users in different countries.

• Friends tagging & easy friends featuring

How many times have you been with a friend and you are both snapping the same thing? What if you could snap a story, tag a friend (he has to accept it) and that snap shows in both of your stories.

Also, there would be pretty cool if there is a chance to put one click add friend to a snap, so if I want you guys to follow my friend Mitco I tag him on the story and you can add him with one click (or a swipe).

• Location based Discover channels

Discover channels are pretty cool and fun way to get news and content but it would be more useful if there are few channels based on your location. For example, if I’m in Germany it would be really neat to have German channels (with local news and information).

• Share to other social media

A lot of people are already sharing parts of their snaps on other social media, why not make it easier for them and have Share to Facebook / Instagram / Twitter option?

Easy way to implement sharing to other social media sites

• Option to link to website (from a snap)

This feature would be really useful for brands and would give a lot of new ways to use Snapchat. As I’m writing this blog post and posting a snap to my story about it, it would be cool have a direct link for everyone that finds it interesting to visit and read it right away. Also, “treasure hunting” and Snapchat games would get much better with the option to link to another website/maps location/social media profile…

• Verified profiles

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope already have them it would be nice of Snapchat to follow the trend and give celebrities and brands a chance to have a verified profile.