Find some coffee bar or restaurant that has awesome food, but may not have built a great Instagram profile yet.

Set up an unofficial account for this venue which hopefully later will become the official Instagram profile 🙂

Upload a bunch of photos that other people have already taken of the interior, and the food. Also you can find a lot of experience by visiting the location tag for this venue on Instagram.

Make sure the venue address and website is included in the account’s bio.

Like every photo that is associated with a checkin at your venue.

Follow every person that has posted a photo and checked in at this venue.

Identify 5 competitive venues in the area that are doing well, serve similar food, at a similar price point.

Go through the photos that people have posted when they checked into competitor’s venue.

Look for photos of big groups of people (big groups = big $$$), really well shot photos (foodies love trying new restaurants), or Instagram users with a ton of followers (influencers are power!).

Then like their photos and leave comments like, “Wow, look delicious, you might like our taste too! Come on by and check us out…”

Watch the magic happens 🙂